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TCHDC Seeks Volunteers for its After School Programs

TCHDC is in immediate need of adult volunteers who want to make a positive difference in the lives of school age children and who are striving to achieve academic success.

VISTA Positions
AmeriCorps VISTA Literacy Specialist - A one year fulltime professional position: Your great people skills, love of kids and reading, and technology savvy will help children in low income minority and refugee families become lifelong lovers of reading. You will expand our capacity to promote and support reading literacy and proficiency for school age children living in and near TCHDC's affordable housing communities

AmeriCorps VISTA Reading Tutors - We are partnering with Minnesota AARP Experience Corps to host four adult volunteers, age 50+, to be personal reading coaches and role models for struggling readers in grades K-4. Share your love of reading as you engage in one-to-one literacy development activities with children during the 2015-16 academic year.

TCHDC Positions
Homework Tutors - We are recruiting volunteers to assist children in grades K-12 with completion of daily homework assignments.

PLUS-Time Volunteers - TCHDC’s core out-of-school-time program for children in grades K-4 needs volunteers year-round to assist program staff in providing a variety of academic and play activities.

For more information and to apply follow this link: http://www.tchdc.org/help-us/volunteer


this-spring-everything-is-coming-up-stemNew “STEM” Learning Initiative at Liberty Plaza TCHDC has a promising new collaborative partnership with St. Catherine University and its National Center for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) Elementary Education. After many months of planning, on March 18, two motivated St. Catherine undergraduate education majors began facilitating three hours a week of STEM learning activities designed to inspire interest in the STEM disciplines among children in grades K-4 at Liberty Plaza. Boston Scientific provided the inspiration for this initiative through its work with the Wilder Foundation to develop the Minnesota STEM Cradle to Careers Logic Model. To help us make that inspiration a reality, the Boston Scientific Foundation has awarded TCHDC a grant of $5,000.
what-is-stem-and-why-is-stem-important-to-children-growing-up-at-liberty-plazaStudent creates a Circuit that plays a tune. STEM stands for the broad disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Why is “STEM” an important buzzword today in education and workforce development, and why is learning in the STEM disciplines important?  Because in the 21st century these disciplines will be central to having a strong national and local workforce and economy.  In 20 years that workforce will be made up of the children who are in elementary school today.  Some of those children live at Liberty Plaza and attend our afterschool programs today.
bremer-bank-honors-tchdc-s-partnership-with-the-bank-with-recognition-and-award From Left: Allison Scheider, VISTA Member; Erick Maki, Bremer Bank; Barb McQuillan, Executive Director, TCHDC; Ron Zweber, Bremer Bank; Caleb Williamson, TCHDC Program Coordinator On January 14, 2015, Executive Director Barbara McQuillan and the TCHDC program staff hosted Bremer Bank Senior Vice President Ron Zweber and Erick Maki Vice President for Nonprofit Banking at Bremer Bank at TCHDC’s newly rehabilitated St. Alban’s Park housing community to celebrate Bremer Bank’s $10,000 contribution to the TCHDC Resource Centers. 

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