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St. Alban's Park

sap1St. Albans is a 77 unit apartment complex located in the Summit-University neighborhood of Saint Paul. Residing just west of Downtown Saint Paul, St. Albans is convenient to everything. Many grocery stores, restaurants, and retail stores are within short walking distance and public transportation is extremely accessible with a stop just outside of the building. The location says it all! 

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Liberty Plaza

LP1Liberty Plaza is a 173-unit affordable rental housing development located in the Summit-University neighborhood of the City of St. Paul. The property consists of 15 buildings including a 6,100 sq. ft. community center building on a 9-acre site. The property has a wide variety of unit types and sizes including 76 apartments (10-efficiency, 42-one-bedroom, 24 two-bedroom units) and 97 multi-level townhomes (16 two bedroom and 81 three-bedroom units). All units have off-street parking available. The apartment buildings have laundry facilities and the townhomes have washer/dryer hook-ups. The property was originally developed in 1968 by Liberty Plaza, Inc., a nonprofit controlled by the Dayton Avenue Presbyterian Church (DAPC). TCHDC and Liberty Plaza, Inc., formed a partnership in 2001 and completed a two-year multi-million dollar major renovation of the property in 2003. All units in the property have a rental subsidy either through HUD or the St. Paul PHA. There is a resident resource center on site which offers a wide range of programs including after school and summer academic enrichment for children and youth, employment counselling, health services, tax preparation and a computer lab specifically available for adults.  

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St. Philip's Gardens

SPG2 smallSt. Philip's Gardens was originally built in 1974 by St. Philip's Episcopal Church. The church owned and operated the property until it was sold to TCHDC in 2012. The property underwent a substantial renovation in 2013 which included the addition of a 2 bedroom townhome and a new site office. Forty-one of the units have project-based Section 8 rental subsidy.  

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Jamestown Homes

JTH4 smallJamestown Homes was originally built in the early 1970's. TCHDC is part of the ownership entity that acquired the property on July 1,2014, and our plan is to substantially rehabilitate the entire development. In doing so, we will upgrade and reestablish an attractive asset in the neighborhood, helping to improve the image of an area that has been identified as the gateway into the Historic Rondo Community in the Dale Street Station Area Plan. We will also enter into a long-term Section 8 contract to maintain the affordability of this property for low income families. Every unit in the development receives project-based Section 8 rental assistance. 

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Capitol City Townhomes

CC0Capitol City Townhomes consists of 69 two and three bedroom town homes located in five different Saint Paul neighborhoods including Summit University, the West Side of Saint Paul, the East Side of Saint Paul, the North End and Frogtown.

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East Side Commons

643a875ab2be04ecea56a1a36b18f8c2East Side Commons, located on the East Side of Saint Paul, includes efficiency, one, two, three and four bedroom units in both apartment units and townhomes. All 51 units were completely renovated in 2012.

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Selby Commons

Selby1Located in the Summit University neighborhood of St. Paul on Selby Avenue between Avon and Chatsworth, Selby Commons features apartments, townhomes, duplexes and single family homes along with commercial space.

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